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Whether you need further support or not, you can find lots of information about supporting bereaved children and young people across our website. You can find this information through our ‘bereaved families’ page, as well as through our series of informative topical articles and resources.

Early support

Where families have experienced a recent sudden death of a parent or sibling, we offer an early support service. This is where we offer advice to parent/ carers to guide you through supporting your child/ young person in the period of time immediately following the death.

This might include:

  • What reactions to expect
  • What information to give and how to give it
  • Advice around returning to school
  • Advice around funerals and goodbye rituals
  • How to best support your child / young person at this time
  • Resources to support you

Where possible, we aim to have these conversations in person, either at your own home, or in our own family room in Headington. If this is not possible, we can offer a telephone or video call.

To access our early support service, please complete our  online referral form and one of our clinical staff with make contact within 48 hours

Parent / carer advice

Given the right circumstances, most children and young people do not need specialist grief support. Where it is appropriate, we believe that supporting the adults in a child’s life to help them with their grief is the best place to start.

This is why SeeSaw run a phone service to provide a space where parents / carers can talk to one of our trained support workers. During these phone calls our support workers can talk in detail about specific concerns, and give advice about how to respond to a child’s needs.

Where appropriate we may also offer a one off session, either at home or in our family room in Headington.


One to one grief support

Sometimes children need and want a little more support and that is when we would offer some grief work sessions.

Following a home assessment by one of our clinical members of staff, children / young people can receive one to one support to help them process and manage their grief. This is generally carried out within their own home with one of our highly trained support workers.

Support and information

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