Fundraising can be a fantastic way of raising awareness and bringing your school or college friends together.  You might also be fundraising for SeeSaw as part of a course, project or qualification.  SeeSaw is an excellent choice for this kind of fundraising – have a look round the website so you can share the work we do as part of your fundraising project.

In 2022 one of the Year 9 Classes at Didcot Girls School made this video as part of their First Give project

School staff and parents

Fundraising in school is an excellent way of helping children and young people learn about generosity and helping those around them while having fun and maybe wearing a silly hat!  


Take a look at the various ideas your school could get involved with below.

Fundraising ideas

Always a favourite! Throw on your aprons, get baking and hold a cake sale. Invite parents along to sample the goods and donate of course!

Make it even more fun by setting a theme - come dressed as your favourite superhero or Disney character. Or when Halloween is around the corner, come dressed in something scary! 

Wear your Christmas jumper in December. You could give out a prize for the silliest jumper. 

Get your pupils involved in a sponsored hour (or more!) of silence. You could even make a forfeit for anyone who breaks the silence.

Include a parent and child challenge in your annual sports day and ask the parents to donate to enter. 

Get your pupils to guess the name of the teddy, how many sweets are in the jar, the weight of the cake or gather everyone's baby photos together and ask them to guess who each baby is. 

Gather students into teams of 5 and hold a big quiz day. Make sure to include some fun rounds like a picture round, music round and a teacher question round. 

Hold a fashion or talent contest for them to showcase their catwalk, singing, dancing, acting or magic skills. You could make it like a TV show, by nominating judges to pick the winners. 

Hold a school car wash and charge each car for cleaning either the outside, inside or both! You could have a score board and a prize for the team that washes the most cars.

Encourage children to choose something to give up, such as sweets, fizzy drinks, computer games for a week or a month and encourage them to ask friends and family to sponsor them.

Challenge your students to swim a certain number of lengths as a relay team within a certain time. They can ask their friends and family for sponsorship. This can also be adapted for other sports

Collect donations at your nativity play with one of our collection boxes, or organise a school carol service and ask for donations from each house that answers. 

Get in touch to get started!

If you need any help, or need some materials for your event, please get in touch.

Do make sure to update your social media with details of your event. A great way to raise the profile of your event is to create a Facebook event and invite everyone you know. You can post pictures on your social media and don’t forget to tag us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn so we can share it. 

We have balloons, banners and collection tins that you can use to decorate your school. We also have downloadable resources (below) that you can use such as sponsorship forms, fundraising posters, sweepstake games and a handy A-Z guide of fundraising ideas. 

We love to hear what our fundraisers are up to so please do get in touch by contacting our Fundraising Team [email protected] 

Thank you so much for your support.

Getting the Money To SeeSaw


  • For some fundraising you might want to set up a JustGiving Page so that people can donate online – if you do this the money will come directly to SeeSaw
  • SENDING US THE MONEY RAISED The easiest way to do this is to pay the money into our bank account directly.  Our Fundraising Coordinator  can send the bank details to you.
  • Sometimes we can send someone to collect the money you have raised, or you can send a cheque made payable to SeeSaw to:

SeeSaw, Bush House, 2 Merewood Avenue, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8EF

  • Let us know who was involved so we can be sure to send our thanks to the whole team

Support for schools

SeeSaw in School

SeeSaw offers a specialist service to schools to help staff understand how young people might react to a bereavement and develop strategies that can be used to support them in the classroom. We offer telephone support, school visits, staff support and resources. This service is available free of charge to all schools in Oxfordshire.

Visit our ‘Help for Schools’ page to find out more and to access support, advice and training.