How you can support seesaw in your community

They say it takes a village to raise a child. At SeeSaw we know how vital community is in supporting bereaved families and those coping with serious illness. Community fundraising is one of the biggest ways to help us support families in Oxfordshire and there are all sorts of ways you can help. 
Have a look below at some upcoming opportunities for ways you can fundraise in your community, or get in touch with Charlotte ([email protected]) if you have your own suggestions. 

The coronation of King Charles III

There’s no better time for a street party or fundraising event.

We know there are lots of wonderful celebrations planned for the Coronation and we would love it if your event could help us support bereaved children and young people in Oxfordshire.

We’d love to hear about your street party or other events – let us know and we can share them on our social media accounts.

Pick SeeSaw as your chosen charity

  • Are you part of a community group like U3A, Inner Wheel or Round Table that does regular fundraising?  Could SeeSaw be your chosen charity?
  • Do you have an idea for an event like a concert, play, party or festival where you could support SeeSaw with a percentage or takings or do a collection on the day?
  • Are you doing a course or qualification that needs you to do some fundraising?
  • Do you want to fundraise in memory of someone, and to find ways to show their family you are thinking of them?

Find resources below or get in touch with our Fundraising Manager ([email protected]) to talk about how you can support us and how we can help with your fundraising.  Thank you